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Exclusive stream: Matoma remakes Tegan and Sara's "I Can't Take It"

Two of the most iconic female artists in the industry, sisters Tegan and Sara have won the hearts and minds of fans worldwide through inspiring tracks that speak to this wanderlust generation. Whether you love them for their indie ballads, high-profile dance collaborations, or carefree attitudes, the two musicians have been trailblazers for many of the industry's hardest paths. Ten years ago they dropped So Jealous, an album Tegan and Sara say "changed the course of our sound, our career and most importantly our lives." To celebrate this momentous milestone, So Jealous X has been released via Warner Bros. Records featuring a collection of new remixes, covers, written and recorded recollections, and memorabilia. 

Joining this remix effort, the young Norwegian producer Matoma steps up to tackle the ruminating recitation of "I Can't Take It". Though he continues in the brighter tropical notes that have become his signature style, this remake matches the original through a reserved tone and tempo that never fully break into the bass and keep the track at a perfectly contemplative level. It's no surprise why Tegan and Sara brought Matoma on for So Jealous X, as the world-class artists have always had an eye on the future, something they share with the skyrocketing electronic star.

Get your copy of the anniversary release now and enjoy this exclusive stream of "I Can't Take It", the Matoma remix. Also, a big congrats to Tegan and Sara for their Oscar nomination!


so jealous tegan and sara

Tegan and Sara

"I Can't Take It" (Matoma Remix)

  • Warner Bros. Records
  • 2014-12-23


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