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DJ Fade and DJ Jayhood cook up an essential remix of ILOVEMAKKONEN's "Tuesday"

Whether or not everyone is aware, Jersey Club music permeated most corners of the EDM scene throughout 2014 and is swinging powerfully into the new year. The pioneers of the genre (Tameil and Brick Bandits) others still remain at the top of the game and are respected by most involved with the world of club music. Some of jersey club's original manifestations were considered "dance instructionals" like DJ Frosty's "Tip Toe" but gradually evolved into a completely new cocktail of hip hop, r&b, and electronic music. Some producers even created new aliases like Trippy Turtle, DJ Hoodboi, and Cashmere Cat just to rebrand themselves with a slew of jersey club songs. Producers such as Brenmar, Nick Catchdubs, TJR, Falcons, Curl Up, Hydrabadd and many, many others decided to simply add it to their ongoing production catalogues. For the entire rundown of the Jersey Club history, refer to the recently released Jersey Club Documentary.

DJ Fade and DJ Jayhood are two notable producers from the uprising of jersey club. Their recent collab comes in the form of a remix of ILOVEMAKONNEN's hip hop anthem "Tuesday". Is there an overwhelming amount of remixes of "Tuesday" out right now? Yes. However, the jersey club rhythm paired with the original Brick Bandit sound set transformed "Tuesday" into an undeniable party starter. It's definitely what most DJs would refer to as a "secret weapon" in their set. Lucky for you all, it's free to download. Don't forget to grab it up and bump it wherever you may be.

 tuesday art

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