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KiNK debuts on Pets Recordings with 'Fantasia'

Chances are by now you've heard of Bulgarian producer and analog innovator KiNK. Whether you played his Self Destruction LP, checked him out at one of his live gigs, or heard any of Rachel Row's track's he co-produced, there's been plenty of talk around this one-of-a-kind producer—and for proper reason. The music he makes excites in a way that most other producers cannot match up to. His style is fluid, his sounds are ingenious, and his methods for production have a newfangled twist that keep even the most knowledgable machine enthusiast at the edge of their seats. The man is anything but ordinary and he does it all wearing a big, happy smile on his face. Now bringing in the new year, KiNK marks a debut on Pets Recordings with Fantasia,  also including a remix by Los Angeles techno producer, Truncate.

Fantasia, by definition, speaks of "a musical composition with a free form and improvasitory style". Stately, KiNK's framework is described by many as cooky, intriguing, with a heavy tinge of spontaneity, but it would be silly to assume there is no method to all the randomness. And truth is, we probably will never wrap our brain around the logic that goes into KiNK's work, but not knowing is always half the fun anyway. "Fantasia" is robotic, energetic, and sprinkled with sensuality. Instead of blending in the different angles found, each element holds strong on its own and feels like we are captive inside a world of lasers and wires. It sounds overbearing, but it's not the least bit.




Truncate's rendition starts at a cathartic pace and stays true to his techno tendencies. Maintaining steady tension, the tampered sirens that fade in and out feed an atmosphere of cosmic weirdness that one can't help but to expect at the next warehouse one-off. 






  • Pets Recordings
  • January 2015


Electronic · House · Techno


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