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System boot to SKULS' "bone-chilling" 'Corrupt Files' EP

You all know my attitude towards "future" genres, but when the mind of a programmer meets the creativity of a modern musician, the label can't be more fitting. Today I have a new EP coming from future bass group SKULS. They're fresh off of a #1 hit on HypeMachine with their remix of "3005" by Childish Gambino, and the crew has high hopes for this project indeed.

You can view the promo video for the project titled Corrupt Files here, which will give you a bit more insight into how the group is portraying their work. Not only is the beat an immediate inclination that the EP is somewhat dark, but the mashing of gritty digital and coding images paints a clear picture that these guys reside in a world unknown to most. I'm interested in how SKULS maintained consistency across the project, seeing that they are a progressive group with a lot of different styles. All in all, the project is a great reflection of artists within the growing digital empire of San Francisco. 

Stream the full Corrupt Files EP below:




  • AllTrapMusic
  • January 12


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Trap


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