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Six Blade revives classic drum n bass with "Oracle" remix

The days of drum n bass devoid of excessive white noise risers and heavy LFO are all but history. Liquid, jungle, breaks, neuro, drumfunk and the others in their class defined the movement in the early 90s. Some musical scholars argue the dawning of American dubstep (read: brostep) killed it too soon. However, like UK Dubstep and the rest of the culture infused music that transcends the typical hive-minded hatred and stigmas, DnB simply moved out of the spotlight to continue its modest existence among true family and friends.

I used to post a lot more DnB when first starting here at EARMILK, but took on a broader approach to dabble in a wider spectrum of music. Today, I am pleased to present Six Blade and their remix of CROOX's "Oracle"; a truly classic drum n bass tune with all the necessary elements. Flawless vocal treatment, rinsey hi-hats, clean snares, and the 4/4 high tempo true bassheads salivate over. Grab a listen below, and keep your eye on CROOX here

Drum and Bass


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