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Vice and Vision bring mellow vibes with their 'Wicked Good' Mixtape [Download]

It's Friday, and for a lot of people it has been the first week back into work or school, and that means that this week was probably pretty exhausting for a lot of you. Vice and Vision are a duo that even we don't know too much about. 

The Edmonton-based duo rap over everyone from Stwo to Mr. Carmack to Thrupence, and while many times, it's a little too much to deal with rappers who rap over famous beats, but this is mellow, fun, and a good mixtape to sit back, relax, and light one up to. These guys aren't household names yet, but this is definitely a duo to pay attention to for sure. 

Check out the mixtape below. 


Hip-Hop · Rap · Soul-Hop


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  • -14 in Edmonton right now, of course the tape is so cool. And the production is clean and crunchy like new snow, listened to the whole thing by accident. Straight to the playlist, thanks Earmilk.

    Avatar Sexual Alexander January 10, 2015 1:48 PM Reply
  • Vice and Vision, talented due on a massive roll from edmonton. Excited to see whats next

    Avatar Victoria Czapliñski February 25, 2015 12:25 AM Reply

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