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Krystal Klear and Yasmin come together for "One Night Only" [Video]

Krystal Klear and Yasmin bring together a spectacular dance number titled "One Night Only," and with its eclectic mix of colors and Yasmin being a general badass, the music video is as fun as the track is. "One Night Only" is similarly fun in a late night radio type of way, gathering influence from eighties jams and bringing Yasmin's crooning vocals to absolute perfection here. 

Overall the track and video work perfectly, meshing its sexy vibes to the forefront. With Yasmin taking the lead on the video, this one is definitely not one to miss. The single is due out via Island Records/Rinse FM on March second. Pre-order for the single can be found via iTunes

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Yarrow Slaps
6 years ago

wussup,i understand your busy,can u check out my new song?i wouldnt waste your time for just any reason! YS