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Disco Fries go indie in acoustic version of "The Light" with Niko The Kid [Premiere]

I've never met a fry I didn't like, and the same holds true for Disco Fries, the American electro/progressive duo comprised of Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic. Last year brought one success after another for the pair of producers, who saw collaborations with the likes of Tommie Sunshine and Gazzo, as well as standout originals, like "Ramuh" and "Philtrum". Right in the heat of summer, they brought a blistering club anthem to the fray in the form of "The Light" with Niko The Kid and vocalist Lauren Matthews. The Zouk/Armada release took fans soaring through lofty progressive climbs and melodic drops that leaves an exhilarating imprint on any listener.

To celebrate the success of "The Light", Zouk will be releasing a remix package next Monday, January 12th, with one very special addition: an acoustic version. Stripping down the original track, Disco Fries present a soft, emotive ballad that lives through piano and guitar melodies, slipping through Matthews' powerful vocals. Three more renditions join the acoustic, one by MANIK, Tommie Sunshine and Halfway House, and Bounce Inc, all of which will be available on the other side of this weekend.




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"The Light" (Feat. Niko The Kid) (Acoustic Version)

  • Zouk/Armada
  • 2015-01-12


Dance · Exclusive · Indie


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