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The Heydaze prove they are ready for the spotlight with "Don Juan" [Video]

On previous posts I have voiced that I am not one to be enthralled by pop music, but that when a great track comes my way, which is accompanied by a great music video to boot, I can't help but be a fan of the track and the band or artist that composed it. Recently, a friend of mine turned me on to the New York-based pop band The Heydaze. Knowing that I was not a huge proponent of Pop music they advocated that this band was different from all other pop bands out there; a huge statement to make seeing as the biggest critique of pop music is that it all sounds the same. Despite my lack of interest in pop music, I followed my friend's advice and liked the band's page on Facebook. Not long afterwards, the group released the video for their extraordinarily catchy track "Don Juan" and needless to say I was impressed.

In line with the legacy of fabled womanizing Spanish libertine that the track title derives its name from, "Don Juan" is an irresistible synth-pop track that’s subject matter is more or less that of the life of a womanizer a theme that has been explored countless times in the pop genre sphere. The Heydaze are able to overcome the cliché nature of the content with a summery guitar riff, coordinated adlibs and backing vocals, pumping drums, and a mesmerizing synth melody. The band behind "Adderall," also spins the lyrical content of the track with a quirky visual narrative courtesy of the group's lead singer's sister Sophie Finkelstein. Making her directorial debut with the "Don Juan" video, Finkelstein crafts a narrative that accentuates while at the same time constructively down playing the seductive nature of the track's lyrics. Combine the video and the track makes for a playful, funny, product that is very enjoyable to watch and listen to. 

With the "Don Juan" video The Heydaze demonstrate that they are ready for the big time. Don't be surprised if you see a track of the group's pop up on you local radio station this year because by the looks of it the band is poised to make a big splash on the radio waves as evident of "Don Juan". Watch the video below and be sure to support The Heydaze by following them on Soundcloud. 



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