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Loosid slows down John Mayer's "Free Fallin'" even more [Download]

The magic of the digital age is quite contradicting. Each artist has the ability to seek out and find the kind of people they think would like their stuff, and send them what we bloggers call a "submission". However, this strategy is still not as good as if the song were picked up out of pure research. The majority of viral hits don't need submission, and that's the contradiction. Here I have a picture perfect contradiction, straight from the experimental styles of Loosid.

I've never come across a John Mayer remix that I was into, but this one is just dandy. Loosid (AKA /ˈl o͞ o s i d/) slows down "Free Fallin'" to the extent you can't recognize the original riff, and allows the vocals to become a deep, drowned out sound. Then he picks it back up, adding his own 1-2 kick arrangement that melds it all together. It's fantastic to see a mainstream hit from a highly respectable artist circle back around in such a different form, especially a form that is highly popular amongst music junkies. Somehow I came to the conclusion that this track is a "hip-hop serenade with downtempo influence". A technical term for an extremely fun track.

The remix of John is available for free download, so pick it up on the way out. Also, check out more Loosid here.



"Free Fallin'" Remix

  • December 21


Bass · Dance · Easy Listening · Experimental · Hip-Hop


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