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Sub-Urban's 'Soul Wagon 01' compilation brings funk this X-mas season [Exclusive EP Stream]

The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is where you'll find warm waters, beautiful weather, and the headquarters for Sub_Urban. Focusing on house & techno curations, the imprint definitely knows how to translate its warm home base vibes this winter season with Soul Wagon 01. The VA Christmas compilation is meant to sizzle any occasion featuring in-house favorites Wiki & Oneplus, Gaol, Campaner, and Guri. Although this is not traditionally Christmas-esque by any means, the bass-driven, vocal house package is perfect for any Christmas party occasion.


Campaner starts things off low and slow with his deep house cut, "A Little Closer". Honing his signature vocal-lead source of house music,  the  assembly features sizzling riding hats along with the entire works of a drum rack to help escort the rhythms smoothly. Reaching Gaol's "Sapamana" after such  lush introduction felt like leaving a venue's lounge area and entering the main floor. Easily my favorite from the batch, there's a faint Ossie jive to this one that simply makes you want to move. Bumping kicks and sporadic modulations cruise on gracefully as the tender vocal cuts float around.


Guri and Eider revert back to some slow-mo piano house melodies that pair up nicely with the diva vocals on "It's Nobody's". Leave it up to them to narrate how a broken heart amends itself on a dance floor. "Drama" is Wiki & Oneplus' theatrical closure. Much like the title suggests, these two add some dramatic effects to their sound that give a sense of grandness to the setting.

Listen to EARMILK's exclusive full-stream of  Soul Wagon 01 compilation from Sub_Urban above.





Soul Wagon 01

  • Sub_Urban
  • 29 Dec 2014


Deep House · Exclusive · House


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