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Psymun brings visuals to "Talk 2 Me" with Kerry Roy [Premiere]

Psymun has had an incredibly busy year. He's a member of the highly praised Minneapolis group Thestan4rd, and their recent debut album has been coveted as one of the best releases of 2014. He also released the massively underrated Pink Label earlier this year, and it is off of this release that we're excited to present the visuals for "Talk 2 Me." 

The video was directed by Braden Lee, co-founder of Against Giants, and the vocal work is from Kerry Roy, one-third of Bad Bad Hats; both Lee and Bad Bad Hats are based in Psymun's hometown of Minneapolis. In terms of the song, haunting vocals cascade into Psymun's beat, and the resulting track is emotionally hard-hitting with Psymun's ability to express a multitude of feelings fully exhibited. Lee's visuals only further all of this, with two children in a lonely, giant house, bringing a bit of The Shining into the feel without doing anything actually creepy.

The young artist's year has been absolutely insane, but if the work he's been releasing is any indication, next year is about to be even greater. Download Pink Label via Bandcamp, where both physical and digital copies are still available. 




Talk 2 Me (Feat. Kerry Roy)

  • December 22, 2014



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