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"C'mon Rave On" with Felguk's latest release

 Brazilian producers Felguk are no strangers to the electro house scene. They've repeatedly dropped hit after hit over the past few years for their international fan base. You may have seen our coverage on some of their recent tracks, including "Can You Feel It", the Slice & Dice EP, or "Crunch". But today, we've got their latest track "C'mon Rave On" on the menu.

Released in collaboration with Oxygen, a sub-label of Spinnin' Records, this song ranks high on the fist-pumping chart, but it's deliciously infectious. The electro-house beat is interspersed with analog melodies and even a trippy acid-house drop for a track that will, indeed, keep you raving on. You can always count on Felguk to bring their A-game, so give "C'mon Rave On" a listen below, just make sure you're ready for it.


Dance · Electro · Electro House · House


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