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Get your buzz on with Louis Futon's newest original "Drnuk"

It's winter, it's getting colder outside, and that means you're probably going to be spending more time inside. What else does that mean? Well, you're probably also going to be having a few more "cuddle" sessions in the back room, so you might as well let Louis Futon help you out with your soundtrack in there.

Fresh out with a brand new bedroom banger, the former Philly duo, now comprised of one star producer, Tyler Minford, just released exactly what you've been craving. With a voluptuous low end, "Drnuk" (yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way) is exactly what you need to get in the mood with that special someone. Drake samples included, make sure to pick up yours when this dude's EP drops on January 14th

Louis Futon DRNUK artwork

Louis Futon


  • Unsigned
  • December 16, 2014


Bass · Chillwave · Dance · Electronic · Garage · Trap


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