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Kevin Abstract gets very weird with "bubblegum/iwb" [Download]

Where do I even begin? I suppose if we took one part hip hop lyricist, and drowned it in the uncompromising weirdness of SOPHIE, then we might be close to whatever genius Kevin Abstract might be. 

The artist recently released "bubblegum/iwb," a track that swings from electronic banger to creepy late night vibes, then swings back into an absolute hip hop club banger, then swinging into Mike Jones's phone number in the next moment. The track required the mind of three producers, and while many highlight the law of diminishing marginal returns when they have so many producers working on one project (one could argue Kanye West's biggest failure with Yeezus was this), the work of BEAR//FACE, ROMIL, & KIKO MERLEY, is absolutely superb here. 

This is definitely not for the novice listener, but if you're into music that experiments with boundaries or like SOPHIE and also hip hop, make sure to check this out ASAP. It's also available for free here

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap · Trip-Hop


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