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DJ Sliink brings the ruckus with his remix of "Nxwxrk"

Earlier this year Nadus, a member of the Newark, New Jersey based collective Brick Bandits put his state on the map and reinvented our idea of the word Jersey with his fire original record “Nxwxrk.” No longer where people thinking of drunken thots, blow-outs, gyms, tans, and laundry. Instead they were thinking of hyper-melodies, break beat drums, squeaky bed samples, and a turn up all too real. We all had a sip of the Jersey Club concoction and it was really damn god. The spirit of Thread Nights (Brick Bandits monthly party in New Jersey) was alive and well and going global all thanks to this club anthem. Fellow Bandit and mentor to Nadus, the Jersey King himself DJ Sliink added his own signature touch to an already flawless original. Sliink ands a treble turn up to the mix, throwing in his signature 1’s and 2’s. This is a remix that will get plenty of people jukin’ in the clubs and everyone screaming along for Jersey.

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Nxwxrk (DJ Sliink 'I Run New Jersey' Remix)


Club · Dance · Juke


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