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Sailors go to the "Carnival" in new indie-feuled dance track [Premiere + Download]

 It may be the middle of winter for some of us, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend we're somewhere with a whole lot of sunshine. Sailors deliver just that, an audible feast of warm beats and sunny melodies that cut through the crisp cold ringing in December. Hailing from Mexico, the two brothers have found their niche in the dance landscape through remixes and originals that capitalize on the so-called tropical wave which has taken the industry by storm. However, Sailors definitely set themselves apart with their work that finds no exception in today's download premiere, "Carnival".

The track fuzes together infectious vocals and plush bass into one package, stitched together with hollow percussion and a measured rhythm that keeps the track moving along at a dreamy pace. An innate musicality pervades the song, making it feel much more like a live, indie dance performance than anything else.

If you haven't heard Sailors before, then take your first vacation with them on "Carnival".




  • Self-Released
  • 2014-12-17


Dance · Exclusive · Indie


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