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Planet Raux and Trapzilla's get "Look at Wrist" festival ready [Download]

I'm going to be pretty honest. I'm one of those hip hop heads that don't always love the festival versions of hip hop songs. A lot of the lyricism, swagger, and even the catchy production jsut get lost in the loud overbearing progressive synth lines, and I'm definitely not the person you'll catch at the main stage at a rave for that reason, among others. 

So I'm a music snob and I admit it, but Planet Raux and Trapzilla have both become a bit of a secret guilty pleasure (or not so secret since I've written about the Walshyfire and Kickraux combined Planetraux a couple times in the past) for me over the past year. They've masterfully been able to handle the trap game with class, and this next piece that remixes Father, ILOVEMAKONNEN & Key!, is straight heat. There's not too much to say about it other than if this isn't the track playing at every festival next season, I'm gonna say everyone is slipping. 

Check out the stream below, and snag the free download via email unlock

Electronic · Trap


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