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Spooky Black and WEDIDIT connect for "Worn"

Spooky Black and his band of Minnesota-bred creative misfits TheStand4rd have been steadily on the rise since the release of their self-titled debut LP back in November. The group's blend of alternative hip-hop & experimental R&B has become a staple for many a playlist this year and has set the group apart as one of the best up-and-coming acts to emerge out of 2014. 

Today Spooky released a new track under his legal name Corbin titled "Worn", that features production contributions from WEDIDIT Collective producer/DJs Shlohmo & D33J, who have also been making major moves themselves of recent. The track begins in usual melancholic style with some soft crooning over gloomy production, but then the track builds up to one of Spooky's most emotional vocal performances to date. Stream the track below and be sure to check out TheStand4rd's debut LP here, as well as our past interview with the boys.

Experimental · R&B


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