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Happy Fangs pumps gasoline into your veins with single "Controlled Burn"

Do you ever have one of those days where you are mad at everything and nothing in particular? One of those days where you just want to break things and write passive-aggressive Facebook statuses hoping somebody feels your pain? We all have been there and thank God for heavier tunes to ride alongside us in our times of turmoil and anguish. Good news is the San Francisco based rock group Happy Fangs is pumping out high octane, blood pumping, gasoline drenched rock-records that will have you clinching your fists and screaming along with the convicting vocals. In their latest single “Controlled Burn,” the band exhibits heavy riffs similar to Wolf Mother or Black Sabbath and punk-rock vocals like The Runaways and the emotion prowess of Pat Benatar. Rock and metal music of this caliber is rare in few these days but Happy Fangs is a welcome change in a world of american, folk and indie-rock.


Grunge · Indie · Punk · Rock


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