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Alesia brings us into 'The New Order Pt. 1' with ravaging electro techno EP

With as many flavors of techno as there are house, we sure do like Alesia's the best. Though they may not appreciate us confining their work to a genre, the Parisian electronic duo have become poster children for the inventive works that keep OWSLA ahead of the game by combining the best of electro and techno into one deadly blend. The New Order Pt. 1 follows on last year's Andrea and gives us two grimy tracks to revel in: "Hyacinthus" and "Ivo" with Anna Lunoe.

As Alesia recently commented, "simplicity is harder than complexity," a statement that comes across clear in their work. "Hyacinthus" thrives off minimal percussion and an essentially nonexistent melody, whereas "Ivo" builds off this base with heavily modded vocals and prolonged, circulating climbs. Without question, The New Order Pt. 1 shines as a true example of Alesia's technical beauty and riveting electronic production.





The New Order Pt. 1

  • 2014-12-09


Dance · Techno


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