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Throttle and Freestylers flex their muscles on "Push Up" [Download]

Robbie Bergin is hot on our "producers to watch" list. Making music under the name Throttle, he's brought dirty electro remixes and originals to the viral masses from his home of Melbourne Australia, hitting a real stride in 2014. This week he's partnered with London's bass music veteran duo Freestylers on a new original entitled "Push Up," out for free download. A chopped up electro track with instrumental disco ornamentation, it's another great piece of music for these guys to end their year on.



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  • <3

    Majak December 10, 2014 11:43 PM Reply
  • Incorrect info in your blog – this is a remix of an old single called 'push up' by freestylers. This is no original. He even states that on the soundcloud link you put up haha…

    Doesn'tMatterWhoIAm February 3, 2015 3:19 AM Reply

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