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Option4 proves he is a wizard with "Back To The Ordinary" remix

While most are profoundly perplexed over their speculations of Adnand’s guilt, we are pondering something of a deeper level of thought – is Option4 a wizard? On Thursday new clues will be unraveled in the viral podcast Serial. However, this Wednesday the Colorado based producer revealed more proof to us of his definitive sorcery with his remix of “Back To The Ordinary” by Kid Astray. Dark sexy bass sounds and hauntingly beautiful dissonance boils in the cauldron concocting this beautiful remix. Kid Astray’s vocals flutter like a poetic cry of desperation suspended over the enchanting melodies he creates. Either it’s the high mountain altitude, the new legislation, or a daily bowl of Wheaties for breakfast that are the cause for this level of awesome. We’ll stick with thinking he is a wizard.

kid astray

Kid Astray

Back To The Ordinary (Option4 remix)


Dance · House


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