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King Green paints a perfect "Self Portrait" [Premiere+ Download]

King Green of RDGLDGRN has been famous on the underground level for blending the lines between hip hop and indie, and lately, he's been absolutely slaying it. The DMV is pretty well known for having rappers of various different calibers trying to make it in the rap game, and standing out is pretty difficult. Luckily for King Green, "Self Portrait" is a great reason to pay more attention to this young rapper. 

With a slick flow, a desire to be different and unique in approach, the artist brings together a fascinating piece that highlights how great and diverse rap can get. With distorted production and an obvious ode to blending genre lines, King Green is definitely on our list of people to keep tabs on. 

Check out the song below. It is also available as a free download via Soundcloud. 


Kigngreen Covers 2

King Green

Self Portrait

  • December 10, 2014


Exclusive · Hip-Hop · Rap


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