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Destructo 'Dare you to Move' remix EP absolutely kills it

Destructo is a bit of a legend everywhere in the world, but back home in Los Angeles, he's a certified god. With HARD Summer and DOTD, not to forget mentioning Holy Ship!, if it's what the cool kids are listening to, Destructo has his hands on the pulse of the movement. 

To top of all of his accomplishments on the business-end, he also has a stunning ability to craft art. I have trouble getting to work, going to school, AND finishing my day at the gym, without being exhausted by the end of the day. It's crazy to even think about how hard Gary Richards, the man behind the enigma, actually works. 

Anyways, his latest EP, which saw him further his career into the g-house pathway, was a perfect piece that saw Destructo's musical personality hit an all time high. While his songs of 2013 were certainly impressive, who can forget "Higher," his work in 2014 was much more fully formed and matured into something special. 

The remixes now feature reimagined pieces from Djemba Djemba, Shiba San, and Jack Beats. While we though Destructo's original was untouchable, these producers may have proven us wrong. 

Check it out below. 




Dare You to Move Remix EP

  • Interscope
  • December 9, 2014


Club · Dance


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