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From the ground up: BoogieMADE

Good ideas trump all. They are more important than status, than monetary wealth, than mercilessly clawing your way to the top. Good ideas have the power to make the poorest man rich. Good ideas have the capacity to change the world. But you already knew that. What you probably didn’t know is that good ideas are hiding amongst wolves. Wolves decked out in everything black & white.

Meet BoogieMADE, a next generation underground dance music cut & sew streetwear brand that has gone from daring concept to successful reality in record-breaking time. In less than six months, the tight crew of five that started from humble unexpected beginnings has already set sights on substantial collaborations with some of the leading tastemakers in fashion and music. I had the fortune of sitting down with Jose Santos and Soso Khon, founders of the brand, as well as their resident photographer, 93FPS, to discuss their brief history and bold prospects.

[Above left to right: Dylan, 93FPS, Jose, unknown, Soso]

Jose began as a microbiology major at California State University, Long Beach, while Soso pursued pre-med with a focus in neural endocrinology. Academic issues ensued as they failed to juggle both school work and business ventures. The pair quickly realized their full potential could only be reached by pursuing the latter. As such, they left CSU to follow their natural affinities for industrial design and business, respectively. Jose enrolled in design classes and Soso went to school for business. Since then, the two have individually established projects and business that are still operating today.

In March of 2014, Jose won a design contest for Insomniac’s magazine that awarded him two guest list spots for Electric Daisy Carnival. Without a second thought, he designed and created “Los Angeles Ravers/DEATH 2 GENRES” basketball jerseys for him and his crew to rock at the festival. (Author’s Note: don’t confuse these uniforms with the fuccboi neon “SWAG BITCHES MONEY” stacked-letter tank tops).

On the last day of EDC, the team made their way to the front lines to catch GTA. Halfway through their set (@45:40), the hard-dance/trap duo gave the team a glowing shoutout prompting festival-wide interest in the jerseys. With all the positive responses they got from fellow festivalgoers, Jose realized the potential for a dance music focused clothing line. From this, BoogieMADE was conceived.


After a thoroughly enlightening experience at EDC and the impromptu endorsement from GTA, Jose officially teamed up with Soso to begin research and development for BoogieMADE. Their name is derived from a mutual love of dance music and the literal birthplace of the company. From the start, they have placed heavy emphasis on the cut and sew of their products. Unique, original pieces created with a function; not just simple screen printed cotton t-shirts with a dope logo.

“When you go to these [festivals], you find many people wearing sports apparel,” Jose explains, “basketball jerseys, baseball jerseys, etc.” It seemed only fitting to adapt their debut line in similar fashion. Their first release, which includes baseball and basketball jerseys, two shirts, and a hockey sweater, officially debuted on Friday, December 5th with the launch of their website.


Jose and Soso started this brand because of music, operating on the foundation of keeping it real, open, and grounded. “We’ve made ourselves very open to collaborations,” Soso resolves, “we don’t want to limit ourselves or the brand.” Unfortunately, competition amongst artists and brands has a tendency to curb this way of thinking. By operating with an open and welcoming stance on design partnerships, BoogieMADE distinguishes itself from the rest in its class. In fact, they’ve already planned some exciting collaborations for the coming months.

Support for the brand has been pouring in left and right; particularly from CRNKN, Giraffage, Sweater Beats, SNAILS, and many other tastemakers of the various underground music scenes. Aside from D2G and their four-piece debut line, the company has planned releases with the Moving Castle collective, home to AObeats, Mark Johns, and Manila Killa of Hotel Garuda. They’ve even managed to snag a deal with the same manufacturer (LA MAKERS under Kolby and Courtney's consulting firm 'Fit and Supply') as Jerry Lorenzo's company, Fear Of God. An opportunity initiated solely from Kolby’s interest and belief in the company’s potential.

BoogieMADE, for all it’s worth, has flawlessly illustrated the power and potential of a good idea; more so following through with it. Too often you hear people complain that “somebody stole my idea!” Well, let this be a lesson to you. As cliche as the phrase may sound, follow through with the ideas your heart and mind agree on. For the struggling artists among you, if a skeleton crew can turn an inspired design into the early stages of a highly sought after brand identity in less than six months, believe that you can do the same.

With a tight and optimistic team supporting its foundation, BoogieMADE is preparing to make waves in dance music communities far and wide. As they’ve proven, always remember what being a good person with solid goals can achieve.

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