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Jordan Raf smooths it out with "Asphalt" [Premiere]

There's no doubt that everyone here at EARMILK loves a good, heavy banger. Those tunes that us with that weight is just so appealing. But contrary to popular belief, we're just as enthusiastic for the flip side of the spectrum. Enter Jordan Raf, a 21 year old singer and producer from Los Angeles. He recently spent three months in Tokyo refining his sound with a number of talented Low End Theory members, and is bringing it back home to gear up for his impending debut album Double Negative. 

He is inventing his own persona by having a unique mixture of rock and r&b. Take his newest single, "Asphalt", for example. This quick-fire song is but yet a small taste of what he has to offer. You are immediately met with his lackadaisical style of singing coupled a simple electric guitar and filtered drums. The echoing vocals help you downshift to his low-speed cruising, giving you a strange sense of relaxation and tranquility.

The weekend is almost here, so don't let workplace drama get to you. Go ahead and be the first to stream "Asphalt" below. A no-stress zone, just for you. 

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