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Fake Blood's "Gangbusters" gets us ready for the weekend [Premiere]

On December 15th, Fake Blood will be closing out the year with The Science EP on his own label Blood Music. While that's still technically a daunting 10 days away, dance fans may rejoice at the fact that we've managed to snag the premiere for "Gangbusters," one of the singles on the EP. 

"Gangbusters" is simple and yet eclectic, and Theo Keating working under his Fake Blood alias always means that these songs are weird but still approachable. His music has never been for the novice dance fan, but considering how much music we listen to on our site, he's a breath of fresh air in a scene of over-saturated music. His ability to create bizarre emotions within the context of "Gangbusters" is incredible, and we're very excited to hear the rest of the EP later this month. 

Check out "Gangbusters" below; we've also included "The Science," another track off the EP that was released earlier this week. 



Fake Blood


  • Blood Music
  • December 15th, 2014


Dance · Exclusive · Tech House


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