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Pirate Jams remix "Torture", the debut single from PowerDress [Premiere]

The months of work that go into producing a single song can't be accurately described in a few sentences. But, every track has a beginning and most start with a few simple notes or a few scattered words that play inside a songwriter's head. No stranger to this creative process, Penny F has been a writer for the likes of Lana Del Rey and Rui Da Silva but now has embarked on a new journey by putting her own name on the artist credits as PowerDress

Her debut single, "Torture", dropped on Soundcloud mid-October, a pop anthem that calls to decades passed through breathy vocals interwoven with snappy synth melodies. Officially releasing on New State Music, the original comes packaged with three remixes, one each from the notable Mumbai Science, the up-and-coming Linier, and the mysterious Pirate Jams. Though little has been revealed about this last pair, 2014 has treated the electronic duo from England well as seen from their successful Jams series, the most recent of which appeared on Beatport just weeks back.

Today Pirate Jams bring their talents to remake "Torture", recreating the PowerDress proclamation into a futuristic house track. In between syncopated percussion and refined piano lines, the duo whips Penny's lofty vocals with powerful dance rhythms to create a standout remix for the release. Pre-order the single December 14th, followed by the entire remix package the next day.



"Toture" (Pirate Jams Remix)

  • New State Music
  • 2014-12-01


Dance · Exclusive · House


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