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Gareth Emery remixes Jose Gonzales's "Stay Alive" [Download]

Manchester's Gareth Emery has been pushing himself to be a better artist in 2014. Releasing his first artist album in three years, Driveand most recently, launching a totally new radio show Electric For Life as to start fresh, Emery has been pushing himself creatively. And it seems he's doing it through every outlet possible to connect with fans as much as possible, with the latest step being through his Soundcloud page. Remixing Jose Gonzales's "Stay Alive," he's moved a little bit outside of his usual synth style. Though his production is always melodically-focused, the classically-trained piano player in him still shines in the remix, while he's pulled back in the "club" aspect of its composition. While we have seen Gareth run the gamut in style, there is something different about this one – check it out below.



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  • . @garethemery whaaaaat! That sounds like it's going to be amazing!!!

    EMILY kidman December 3, 2014 4:31 AM Reply

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