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Autre Victime brings on the urge to "Strip" with Tracy Irve remix [Premiere + Download]

You know those times when you find an artist before they get big, and then when they are big, you tell people you were into them way back, but they don't care, and you still feel slightly cooler anyway? No? Well, if you hop on this Autre Victime grind right now, you may have that experience sometime in the very near future. 

Usually artists with a small following are new to the game, and are still developing their sound: this is definitely not the case. Even though it's clear this dude has significant room for improvement, this Tracy Irve remix is entirely on point, and will absolutely rock your socks off. With sultry vocals and big, sexy bass, this one is 100% needs to take a special place in your bedroom soundtrack.

Lucky for you, it's up for free download – get to it.


Tracy Irve

Strip (Autre Victime Remix)

  • Unsigned
  • November 30, 2014


Bass · Chillwave · Dance · Electronic · Exclusive · Trap


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