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Shaani Cage display closeness and intimacy with their debut EP, 'Danyaal'

With a unique fold touching up on electronic, r&b, and Pakistan's musical roots, brothers Aleem & Kaleem Kahn (together Shaani Cage) present the 19th issue for Calgary-based imprint, Close To Modern. Refreshing to the tip, Danyaal EP is made up of seven tracks driven by impressive vocals, depth in lyricism, and catchy instrumentals that add substantial support. Picking up this homegrown talent must have been a no-brainer for the  label with equally eclectic tastes, but in all honesty - aside from the incredibly suave vocals that sound off a comforting swagger capable of lullabying the listener to an easy sleep - the content of what these two brothers talk about is what truly makes them stand out.


Making it a point to address important topics that affect people on all levels, motifs of migration, love, desire, and hope surface all over the EP. After my first initial listen of "Arrival" I knew there was something special at my fingertips, and it only matured beautifully the more I kept listening. Danyaal embodies a little bit of everything that ties in seamlessly to the EP's greater whole ; the danceable natures of "Dance Community"  make a great balance for the melancholic sentimentality in "Special" and that's how much of the release goes. The equilibrium makes it easy to believe that Danyaal was a much cared for project meant to move the listener (both figuratively & physically). Take a listen for yourself.


Available for purchase via Close To Modern's bandcamp page here, download your copy of Shaani Cage's release, Danyaal. Be sure to keep up with the two brothers via their social networks.






Shaani Cage

'Danyaal' EP

  • Close To Modern
  • November 2014


Electronic · R&B


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