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Le Youth's new track, "R E A L", gets some Tough Love [Premiere]

If you're a hunter for glittering indie dance tracks, then you surely know Le Youth. Specializing in that part pop, all dance sound, the Los Angeles artist expresses his talent through numerous remixes, along with coveted originals, that mirror the sun-drenched city he calls home. Born as Wes James, his most famous track has to be his transformation of Cassie's "Me & U", a classic early 2000s song that became a whole new anthem, "C O O L", under James' guidance.  

At the beginning of this month Le Youth released "R E A L", where James pitched down and sliced Brandy's vocals from "I Wanna Be Down" before slipping them into his shimmering dance production. Taking this base, the Tough Love duo from London go full house on their remix, crafting something a bit deeper from the sunny original. Hollow melodies and alternating piano and synth chords replace Le Youth's bright, circulating overtures, coupled with vocals that have undergone a bit more chopping and splicing for a heavier dance effect. The result is a smoothly splendid house rework that takes Le Youth's masterful sampling in an entirely new direction and continues Tough Love's legacy of stellar remixes.




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