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Constant Flow is ready to go to war on "Dog Tags" [Video]

Indie artists are in a great position in 2014. While many of the big players in the music industry are still active, a new hybrid of musician meets businessman is emerging in nearly every genre of the game. These people know how things work from a microscopic level and have been through the ringer before, allowing them to repair the ravenous mistakes and reputations that industry executives have. This way, they can make sure that nobody is getting exploited. One of the best examples comes from hip hop cult legend Immortal Technique and his Viper Records label, which boasts a variety of acts including Chino XL, PJ Pacifico, and Darius Brubeck, it's the aptly titled Constant Flow that deserves a listen today.  

In the Alex F. Ghosan directed "Dog Tags," CF and his cohorts Akir and Swave Sevah prove that while established acts may be able to call the shots, even titans can kill gods.  Shot in a desolate prison, the video is a direct representation of the artists' styles: raw, and to the point. Constant Flow's most recent project, Ascension, is out now, so cop the album if you're in need of some hard hitting, fast paced lyrics. 




Constant Flow

Dog Tags

  • Viper Records
  • November 24th, 2014


Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap


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