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Surrender The Spirit zones out on "YNHID (You Never Held It Down)" [Premiere]

Brand new Brooklyn based group Surrender The Spirit has released their track “YNHID (You Never Held It Down)” exclusively on our site today and it is the ultimate zone out, in the best way possible. The Brooklyn based husband and wife duo Kristen Sonntag and Jonathan Rauberts create spacey, shoegazey music that is a genre all their own, filled with outer space synths and ethereal melodies. This makes sense considering that vocalist Kristen was originally trained as a classical violinist. 

It’s eccentric but not strange in the way that would only make it accessible to a niche audience. “YNHID” has a distinct 70’s feel and Surrender The Spirit said, “The beat is everything in this song.” Taking percussional cues from weirdo classic psych-rockers Pink Floyd only further shows the eccentricity of the group. On it we're taken into a realm of alt-rock but not quite as detached as the aspects of "shoegaze" performance that the genre was originally named for. 

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