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Rory Wynne pokes fun at the 24-hour hangover on "Post Party Confusion" [Premiere]

Have you ever partied rock star style and then taken an entire day to recover? When you just lie on your couch with a hangover and wonder what could have possibly happened the night before? It's all in the name on new track "Post Party Confusion" by Rory Wynne: an amusing parody of those 24 hours but interestingly enough it wasn't written from real life experience. Available today from NYC based label Mermaid Avenue today, this one is perfect for lovers of the cheeky attitude that can come with indie and punk based music. 

On the track Wynne said:

I wrote Post Party Confusion not from personal experience but by writing down what I envisaged to be a nightmare party from what I'd seen on the television. I then added an element of slapstick comedy to it to give it a humorous aspect. Finally I made it rhyme and put it to the music."

You can hear the cocky – and very European – humor on the track, a fast-paced one that brings to mind the Arctic Monkey's, who also use some humor in their music. With major indie, Irish and punk influences Wynne has been compared to Jake Bugg and John Cooper Clarke. It's in your face and leaves the listener with the impression that once he achieves rock star status he'll be having a lot of post-party confusion and loving every minute of it. 

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