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Lowhitey tells us about "When You Have So Much Love to Give" [Video Premiere]

Hush Hush Records, a label based in Seattle, has been a go to favorite for our site in terms of the best "emotional and introspective sound[s]." If anything, it's taken me to a happy place on those tough Monday mornings. 

Today we've got a track from Polish producer Lowhitey, that does that and beyond with the video for "When You Have So Much Love to Give." The video is simple, as is the track, featuring the ocean and its many spectacular movements. The visuals never seek any dramatic wave or tide, but stick to natures less witnessed aerial viewpoint. Lowhitey's song is similarly simple and stunning; simply modern day electronic music at its most tranquil. 

Zen out to this one below, and Alone With My Thoughts, the album that features this track, is available via Bandcamp



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