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SirOJ captures our attention with "Hey Baby" [Premiere]

In this day and age, it has become more common for artists to not conform to single genres and to meld a new sound, taking the best from each genre sampled. It isn’t often, however, that such an artist melds genres with the seamlessness of new up-and-coming Amsterdam dance music producer, SirOJ. SirOJ has harnessed his hip-hop and house influences and created his own sound, which he has dubbed ‘SLOP,’ that sits somewhere between the two seemingly mutually exclusive genres, bridging them quite effortlessly. Now, Sir Oj is ready to release his GLOW EP via Pitched UP, a label that focuses solely on up-and-coming dance producers.

“Hey Baby”, one of the tracks on the forthcoming EP (to be relased March 22nd, 2015), showcases this ‘SLOP’ style perfectly, melding the best of hip-hop and house into an infectious, biting bass line that keeps the track moving. Wandering synths combine with beautiful piano chords to lay the groundwork for SirOJ to lay The Million Plan's definitively hip-hop, raspy vocals over. The combination of it all is quite remarkable and definitely deserves attention. This is one artist, track, and EP that should not be missed.


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