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Jerry Folk noodles around with Baby Bash's "Suga Suga" [Download]

I'm a big fan of remixes of guitar heavy tracks. It sounds dumb, I know. But it's almost a sweet-tooth type of guilty pleasure, I just can't hold myself back from those tracks that dare to turn one genre into another. Jerry Folk's new remix of "Suga Suga" does a great job at doing so, and with just a few Dave Chappelle samples later and I'm in love.

This isn't Jerry's first take on a R&B super-hit, just a month ago he released a crazy edit of "I Don't Wanna Know". When it happened, I didn't know whether to whip out my 6th grade yearbook or to just dance. So I happily did both and decided this was simply a new follow that had been way slept on.

The recently relocated producer (now residing in the dogfight of Los Angeles) takes "Suga Suga" on a breakbeat trip, stopping and going constantly throughout the arrangement. On top of that, he turns what was once a simple guitar riff into a noodling fiasco, which of course triggered my not-so-shameless desire to hear a remix of that kind. It's just too good to ignore, and I love that.

The people seem to agree, as Jerry has been racking up views as a new Next Wave Records representative. Take a listen to "Suga Suga" below:


Jerry Folk

"Suga Suga" Remix

  • Next Wave Records
  • November 19



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