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Feels Friday 006 with Shoeboxx Recordings [Premiere]

Music in it's simplest, most basic purpose is to convey and express oneself through an arrangement of sounds. Though the definition of music can vary from people to social contexts, we can all agree that it directly affects our emotions one way or another. Whether if it drops you into a sob-fest or shoots you into pure ecstasy, music is made to change how you feel. It's no mystery why you tend to choose happy-go-lucky songs on a beautiful day, or why you seek out dark songs on the worst day of your life. We honor those who make it their mission to stir the big pot of emotions in this week's volume of Feels Friday.

What we have here is a special first glimpse of a collection of tunes courtesy of Colorado based record label Shoeboxx Recordings. They have graciously given us an early listen of their upcoming compilation Vol. Two, and we couldn't more more pleased with the sheer amount of sounds and different styles they offer to the table. The budding label was established only a year ago, but boasts an appetite for forward thinking artists. Shoeboxx Recordings is allowing us to showcase 8 of the whopping 27 songs in the compilation. These specific songs below are lush in textures and layers. They are all experimental in nature, though each share a common denominator a downtempo undertone while expressing aspects of different genres.

The compilation as a whole tends to sway towards the mellow side of life, and these particular 8 songs capture the image and mood of the compilation wonderfully. To the swirling minimalism of SU NA to the hip-hop influenced Man Mantis, Shoeboxx Recordings' Vol. 2 offers a sonic sample platter of all sorts of sounds that any beat connoisseur would love to gobble up. Stream below, and be on the look out for the full release of Vol. 2 on November 25 via Shoeboxx Recordings.

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