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Move like groovy jellyfish to Modern Measures remix of "Part II (On The Run)"

Have you ever heard a song that just makes you want to dive into a subterranean aquarium under the sea getting groovy with 10,000 jazzed jellyfish? No, you haven't? Damn. Lucky for you, this new joint from the ATL groove gurus Modern Measure will have you feeling like your head is full of helium, and your heart is swarming with butterflies. Stepping up to the bat to remix the flawless perfection of Jay and Bey is no easy task, but Modern Measure proves they are the men for the job with their remix of "Part II (On The Run)."

Their approach is simple, electric, melodic, and vibrant, but cautiously chill. They spin the original into their own chopped jam that will have your tentacles wobbling about like ribbons blowing on an A/C unit. Brb – the jellyfish are calling.

Modern Yonce

Beyonce & Jay Z "Part II (On The Run)" (Modern Measure remix)



Dance · Electro Soul · Electronic


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