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Madeaux takes Urban Cone's "Sadness Disease" into the future [Premiere]

Two powerhouses collide in this release, coming at us from different ends of the musical spectrum. At one end, the five man Swedish group of Urban Cone known to skirt the indie electro line. At the other, Madeaux, the American DJ and producer who serves up the sultry future sound that has come to hold the industry's attention over the last year or more. Coming off his remix of Zhu's "Faded" and Jeremih's "Don't Tell 'Em" with YG, Madeaux certainly takes a detour with his remix of the Urban Cone's "Sadness Disease".

The Astralwerks original makes a name for itself with highs and lows that swing from syncopated breaks to breakneck percussion overtures. Madeaux incorporates the track's essence throughout his rework, overlaying it with crisp drumwork and sloping deep melodies, then also slipping in some four-on-the-floor measures that give the track an extra bit of oomph.  Chalk this up to another success for Madeaux, who continues to wow with genre-bending production in both remixes and originals.

Look for the Sadness Disease Remixes EP soon on Capitol Records  and grab the original now off iTunes.



Urban Cone

"Sadness Disease" (Madeaux Remix)

  • Capitol Records
  • 2014-11-24


Dance · Electronic · Exclusive


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