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VECT releases scintillating 'Kent Bimaga' EP with stunning visuals

French label Cosmonostro is at it again—pushing forth profoundly unique and innovative music. The spotlight today goes to VECT's new Kent Bimaga EP, which features six, dynamic tracks, melding together an array of influences from hip-hop, R&B, soul, and jazz in a refreshing, modern take. VECT, who goes by the name of Émile Sacré, is not only an exceptional producer, but on top of that, an art director. Hence, his latest EP is accompanied by stunning, abstract visuals. Kent Bimaga is an interconnected project between audio and visuals, so you absolutely must peep the teaser video that he created to ready you for the adventure you're about to embark on.

To begin, "Between Two Palms" is a punchy tune laced with vocal loops and hi-hats all over.

Next, we have "Papa Was," a curious melody incorporating robotic vocals with a sentimental feel.

Then, VECT decides to change it up, slowing it down with "Don't Call," where we hear eerie voices over haunting, atmospheric production.

"Jimmy" is the jazziest and grooviest. Hold up those drinks and let those hips sway, baby.

Then, "Blast" comes at us with an infectious energy and soaring vocals for a kind of vibrant motley.

Finally, my personal favorite: "Mr. Iceberg." Something about the way he marries the guitar riff, hand drum sample, and soulful vocals works superlatively.


 Purchase VECT's Kent Bimaga EP here.



'Kent Bigma'

  • Cosmonostro
  • 11/17/14



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