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Tobtok pairs up with mystery duo Hoodlem for "Free"

Tobtok  is a name I see repetitively on the internet, but I have never been connected to him nor have I dove in deep to his discography. Today I saw his name cross my plate again, and this time I didn't hesitate to stick my fork in it and take a big bite of his groovy madness.

The artist comes forth with parisian label Kitsune to release a follow up track of his EP Savanna called "Free" featuring Hoodlem. Hoodlem is a duo comprised of--well, we don't know. All we know is that they reside down under in Australia, and they have some serious pipes on them. This track with Tobtok is a win for Kitsune, and strives to bring out the disco dance in house music. It's gritty production also gives the track a much more ambient appeal, with less definition in the kicks. Perfect for those who love being a high-energy hippy.

Tobtok is also performing at the Perfect Havoc club night at SHAPES in London on January 31st alongside Oliver Nelson, Skogsra and Televisor. If you're in the London area, hit it.



  • Kitsune
  • November 17


Dance · Disco


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