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Diztortion's "Bandalero" gives props to mom, sort of [Video]

Mom's have it tough, but even my mom didn't rob gas stations and go on the run to provide for me, as was done in this new video for Diztortion and Ms. Dynamite's "Bandalero." Taking the tropical vibes to the next level with this one, the video for the song features a mother and son team taking over, combined with the pains of losing Dad highlighted throughout Ms. Dynamite's badassery. 

The track itself is addicting, and I can easily see this being played in a festival or two. It's a bit of everything I love- the energy-pumping vocals of Ms. Dynamite, and the brilliantly catchy production work of Diztortion are perfect here, and what results is a big room hit that is sure to catch more than a few people's ears. 

Check out the video below! Pre-orders for the track can be found via iTunes

Club · Dance · Moombahton


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