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Secret Circuit remixes Rene Lopez's "Dance Until the End of Time" [Premiere]

NYC's Rene Lopez hasn't always made dance music: before the release of his Love Has No Mercy EP earlier this year, he'd made records with soul and rock and roll influences. But with this latest nu disco-leaning release, we can still pinpoint the link connecting all of his music: Latin influences. Today, we have a track off that EP entitled "Dance Until the End of Time," remixed by LA's Eddie Ruscha, better known as Secret Circuit. Beautifully reminiscent of 1970s bossa nova and today's nu disco reincarnation, the track is smooth, relaxing and has muted electric guitar and keyboard solos that are easy to get lost in. In all, it's the perfect way to begin your week. Check it out below.



Dance · Nu-disco


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