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Royksopp releases final album 'The Inevitable End' [+ Exclusive Vinyl Giveaway]

Pioneering electronic music duo Royksopp released their album The Inevitable EndThough the Norwegian pair has been making music together since 2005, they have only released three studio albums. After a critically-acclaimed and fan-approved collaboration on Do It Again with friend and fellow artist Robyn earlier this year, Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtlan have released The Inevitable End, whose album title is telling not in terms of the band's future, but for their future releases. As their final album, The Inevitable End features 17 tracks that read as a novel, with prologues completing the music's journey. Though it might sound like it, this release does not mark the end of Royksopp's music making, just their using the album as a format.

The album begins with "Skulls," a futuristic electronica track with Royksopp's traits written all over it. From there, the guys resurrect some of their tracks with Robyn, putting their own spin on "Monument" and "Do It Again." With everything from chillwave, pop, symphonic instrumentals, and emotionally-charged vocals on "Thank You," The Inevitable End runs a huge range of sounds. But overall, there is a pressing thread throughout it all: melancholy tracks with French-sounding vocal effects. Most definitely a labor (and a masterpiece) of love, we have an exclusive giveaway for EARMILK fans - a vinyl copy of the release. Check out some of the album and enter below.



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  • Royksopp have actually been together since 1998 and have released 5 albums (not counting Do It Again).

    Avatar Sakib November 17, 2014 8:21 PM Reply

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