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option4 wants you to know "You're ILL" [Download]

I haven't listened to The Pack's "Vans" in ages, and it was a huge surprise to hear it today. option4, a Denver producer who was behind that wonderful Two Door Cinema Club remix about a year ago, is back today with a track called "You're ILL". You bet your ass he samples the shit out of The Pack, but in House manner.

The track fluctuates tempos, and it's rather smooth transitions. He even intro's new sections to the arrangement using that famous robotic sample that says, "You're Ill" giving the track the title it needs. I like it when remixes hold their own names, because I truly believe remixes are original products. Sampling has been around for ages, and it's kind of hilarious to think back on this one.

Take a listen to option4's edit now, and check out his jampacked Soundcloud account here.


Dance · House


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