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Eric Sharp channels his inner Dali with latest EP "Wait Just Wait" [Premiere]

Eric Sharp is a chameleon that adapts to what ever environment he creates, radiating shades of Tech House, Deep House, Acid House, or just good soulful house depending on where he lands. His latest release, Wait Just Wait EP, is a melodic driving array of deep sensual undertones that shoot life throughout your bones. This EP is an accumulation of untapped talent that is primed for the spotlight. His single “Wait Just Wait,” features the vocals of Whitney Fierce, who has collaborated with Hercules & Love Affair as well as several of Subb-ans records. The single is perfect for mid-set in a late night after hours club as bodies radiate heat, passion, and lust.

The B-Side to this EP is a remix from the young Pittsburgh based producer Tenova. He takes a classic house approach to the single, adding his own flare and appeal. Sounds reminiscent of early Detroit & Chicago house ascend throughout the entire remix. Wait Just Wait in it’s entirety is a glimpse in to what house music was and should be. If Eric Sharp’s Salvador Dali mustache is any indication to the surrealist artist residing within him, then this single would be his own version of The Hallucinogenic Toreador.





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