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Wretch 32's "6 Words" gets a refreshing makeover from Fabian Baroud [Premiere]

Ministry of Sound has been behind some of the great moments in the dance world, and it's easy to say that if you're into any dance music from the UK or partied in London, chances are you've encountered their touch at some point in your musical life.

Today we've got a remix of Wretch 32's "6 Words," by Fabian Baround, that's getting ready to see the light of day via the UK label. The German producer flips the piece into a holiday ready piece that is sure to be heard in the upcoming raves as we begin to close out the year. It's happy, easy on the years, and guaranteed some serious festival presence. 

If you're into EDM and looking for something fresh, Ministry of Sound's newest track is one you need to hear. 

Dance · Exclusive · Progressive


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